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101+ Ways to Help a Friend in Need

Friends in Deeds: Finally, a "walk-your-talk" tool that replaces the well-meaning cliche', "Let me know how I can help."


Why is this book important for you?


Friends in DEEDS

Attractive green spiral bound to lay flat
Write & color in mandalas!

Do you need support for a life transition or challenge? Is someone you know experiencing illness or loss?

Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass…It’s about learning to dance in the rain.” - Vivian Greene

We all experience “storms.” Sometimes they come in the form of an actual flood. Other times, it’s an unexpected diagnosis or loss. This practical guidebook opens the door to help and be helped. You will learn how to give, how to receive, and how to become a “friend in deeds.”

If you aren’t sure how to answer when someone asks how they can help you, or if you’d like to support a friend or loved one in their time of need, Friends in DEEDS will show you how in simple, practical, tangible ways. Buy it now.

“Every person coping with serious illness and the people who care about them should read this book.” – Marty Hogan LCSW author of Sacred Vigil Press booklets

Friends in Deeds book

  • Kathy Wittmann

    I just went through a situation where I felt totally out of touch, so I need guidance on how to be a better friend to a couple in need.
    We just want to help and encourage, but sometimes, that is a helpless feeling, too.

  • Rachel Parkhurst

    Friends in Deeds is beautifully done…visually as well as in word. I particularly like the reference to different types of giving…helping, fixing and serving. That is the perfect foundation for the rest of the book’s offerings.

  • Laura Protnick, CA Retirement home resident

    So many people hesitate to ask a friend for assistance. Your presentation and book empower the “friend in need” to seek the “friend in deed” in a very positive way.

  • President of Women’s Organization

    We plan to offer a whole nurturing program using your Friends in Deeds book as a guide.